Mozambican Cricket Association Celebrates Fifteen Years (2001 2016) with Annual Prize Distribution of 2015-16 2017-01-11  

On 6th November 2016 Mozambican Cricket Association celebrated its 15 Years of Cricketing Service to Republic of Mozambique and the ceremony was presided by Mr. Alberto Nkutumula Honorable Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Mozambique, in presence of Directors of Ministry Of Youth & Sports, Directors of Ministry of Education,  Diplomat, representatives of Provincial Cricket heads, Club Heads,  Various School Directors, Cricket lovers  and also more than 400 players, starting from Grassroots & Juniors to Senior national team players of masculine and feminine genders.

Mr. Sengupta Dipankar honorary CEO of MCA and also Finance Director of Regional Cricket Body, ACA – Africa Cricket Association, received Honorable Minister at the Ceremonial Pavilion and made necessary introduction to other MCA Board and Council Member before guiding him to Ceremonial dais.

The History of Evolution of Mozambique Cricket since 2001 till date was audio-visually projected, compiling more than 250 photos and Document slides and short videos.

On the Occasion of 15 years of MCA,  “SSS – Study Support Scholarship” was awarded to 5 Student-Players, selected being  good and deserving Cricketers,  from University level to Secondary to Primary level student-players.

Mr. Carlos Mandlate and Mr. Gideon Benande, President of CNCE -  National Commission for School Cricket and President of CCPM - Central Zone Cricket Commission respectively, were honored for their valuable contribution to Mozambique Cricket Development.

On this special Occasion  of MCA The Minister Mr. Alberto Nkutumula Presented Two Very Special Tributes to 2 Very Special Women of Mozambique connected to Sports and Sports Administration field, namely Ms. Ludovina Oliveira, 1st Women Olympian ( Moscow - 1980)  in track & Field of Republic of Mozambique  and Ms. Ema Fernandes,  1st Vice-chairperson of ACCR5 – Africa Confederation of Cricket Region 5, under Africa Union Sports Council.

The Honorable Minister in his very spontaneous extempore long speech clearly manifested his deepest satisfaction on greatest achievement in last 15 years specially involvement and development of indigenous Mozambican Cricket players starting from Grassroots at Schools. His speech was the indication as the reorganization of breaking of Glass Ceiling by Mozambican Cricket Board because beginning of Mozambique Cricket was based on foundation of English Speaking Expatriates but today Cricket here is played in Portuguese Language by indigenous Mozambican players.   He was also very emotional to find that National Cricket Body helping the deserved students to fulfill their dreams, through Study Support Scholarships and he had no hesitation to mention that during his Student days, had he not been helped by the University Scholarship, probably he wouldn’t have been able to be what he is today.


In the year 2001 a small step was given towards Cricket in Mozambique but Mozambican Cricket arrived with a great Leap in 2016.