ICC-AFRICA CEO Governance 2012-01-28  

ICC-Africa hosted its second annual CEO’s and Governance Workshop on the 29th of October till the 01st of November 2011.

Following the conclusion of a highly successful CEO’s and Governance workshop in 2010, the ICC Africa Regional office has embarked to incorporate this event on an annual basis to enable the efficiency and productivity of the administrative functions of its membership within Africa relating to Governance.

The RDM has committed to this project in ensuring that all the members are fully equipped with regards to education pertaining to management and do understand this vital role of cricket administration with-in their country.




The drive to implement the second edition of this important event was to ensure the Accountability and Responsibility of the members fall in line with Corporate Governance as the ICC-Africa Regional Office is to ensure Zero Tolerance with regards to Governance.

The 2011 Africa CEO’s and Governance 4-day workshop was held in Johannesburg, South Africa at the WITS Business School and was headed by Professor Kriek being the head of corporate governance and leadership study at the University. 18 delegates in total attended the conference which comprised of 11 of Africa’s membership countries who has within there employment a full time staff member overseeing the cricket administration and development operations within their respective countries.




The aim of the conference was to broaden the spears of the Administrative personnel within each membership country in Africa as well as to introduce on-going changes in functions as well as policies and procedures.

Discussions & Presentations consisted of the following topics:-

1. Understanding of the brief

2. The Leadership Development Centre (LDC)

3. The Learning Methodology used by the LDC

4. The Objectives of the Programme

5. Proposes Programme offering to ACA-ICC

6. Structure of the Programme

7. Learning outcomes of the Programme

8. Customization Process and Partnership Philosophy

9. Governance & Risk

10. Corporate Governance

11. Accountability

12. Responsibility

13. Budget Templates & New Financial Formats

14. Thinking & Planning Strategically

15. Key Strategic Challenge

16. Strategic Role & Value Added Of Senior Management

17. Leadership

18. Team Leadership

19. Top Ten Business Risks

20. The Credit Crunch

21. Deepening Recession

22. Cost Cutting

23. What’s Holding Back Empowerment

24. An Effective Leader

25. Managing Talent

26. Executing Alliances & Transactions

27. Risk Management

Other speakers present at this workshop were:- the head of compliance at the ICC-Dubai office Mr. Ammar Sheikh in conjunction with Africa Regional Office MSCO and the RDM. The Professor was joined by three other renowned professors from the Wits Business School Professor-Mark Peters-Professor-Anton Roodt

Once again the conference was very successful as updated rules and regulations were included into the packs and presentations as these new formats are practice on an international scale.

As u can see it was a busy four days and the delegates were very committed and eager to learn all aspects of the conference.

The RDM’s point of view in-conjunction with the delegates it was well worth the time and the money spent for this event.

All participants received a certificate of attendance and an executive case containing all the hard copies of the presentations.

“Planning ahead for a bigger better global game”